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Best Gyms in London

The best gyms in London range from small niche spaces to large swanky joints. However, some are naturally lit; some offer dark workouts while others do sunrise climbing. Choices are often numerous and formidable in decision-making. Digital fitness was quite popular during the pandemic but people want to go back to everyday life with their routines in person. Months of working from home have led some people to cancel their memberships and rethink their spare time. The Londoners will always love the in-gym environment, no matter how much they cherish virtual fitness from home. The 25  best gyms in London  are listed below.

Best gyms in London

1. Lanserhof at The Arts Club

This is how the world’s first medical gym was born by Lanserhof at The Arts Club, an unusual joint venture of Austrian Medicalspa Lanserhof and exclusive venue The Arts Club. It incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and customized health programs for proactive and restorative medical approaches. With sophisticated machines and technology, members can enjoy modern chic facilities and spa treatments with famous Geman skincare stuff. A whole-body MRI assessment, cardiovascular testing, and a one-on-one personal trainer are all included in a complete induction package, which makes it one of the best gyms in London. There is a £1,000 a year laundry, and members have access to fresh change rooms with LANS Derma commodities. Discover unparalleled fitness at

Contact: Lanserhof at The Arts Club

2. Equinox

The first Equinox, the upmarket American gym chain, opened in Kensington High Street, and other branches later at St James’ and Bishopsgate. Kensington Club presents an upscale fitness oasis with ample gym space lit by bright skylights. In addition, their second London club called E By Equinox introduces luxury. For example, they have marble pillars, leather armchairs, and polished oak floors. Details like eucalyptus-infused towels, complimentary laundry valet, and luxurious changing rooms are given attention. It has modern fitness tools such as a cryotherapy chamber, compression therapy area, and a precision running zone fitted with Woodway treadmills that deliver breathable air for intensified training—experience excellence at

Contact: Equinox

3. KX

KX is better than your everyday gym, and it feels like a million-dollar membership club. It can be said to be the best gum in London. In addition to its ultra-modern gym and multiple fitness studios, KX includes a daytime spa, clubroom, restaurant, juice bar, clinics for exercise physiology, and aesthetic medicine. Changing rooms are like personal bathrooms with robes, slippers, makeup removers, dry shampoos, fragrances, and hairstyling gear. At KX’s, one is invited to indulge in a whole day’s experience making it the best gym in London that costs £595 per month. Explore the opulence at

Contact: KX

04. Third Space

Moorgate is the latest in Third Space’s high-end London health club chain, and among its clients are Prince Harry and David Beckham. Their gyms are more than just fitness centers they have a new club-style feel, with functional rigs designed specifically for their gyms, boxing rings, and hypoxic chambers for high-oxygen training in Soho. City’s quartz lamps guarantee spotless air and Canary Wharf has London’s biggest training grounds – The Yard. There is a complete complement of gym facilities, each including deluxe changing rooms stocked with Cowshed products. The ultimate in fitness luxury is available at Third Space London.


05. The Cabin

The Clock, a premium private members’ gym, has closed, but the Barnes location now thrives under new ownership as The Cabin. Despite discontinuing the chef service, members can still enjoy a luxurious gym experience, retaining the signature 15-minute high-intensity format, elegant equipment, and the added perk of personalized nutrition plans.

Contact: The Cabin

6. South Kensington Club

Located in a beautiful Georgian townhouse on Harrington Road, the South Kensington Club is the only retreat built around health and well-being. It has an Italian-styled interior designed by its founder Luca Del Bono, which feels classy and warm. At the top is a gym made of wooden floors and a conservatory roof, while the floor below houses studio classrooms of various types. However, the top spot is reserved for the luxurious bathhouse, which includes several jacuzzis, Turkish spas, and the UK’s only seawater pool South Kensington Club is the best gym in London. Experience luxury at

Contact: South Kensington Club

7. BXR

BXR, the leading boxing gym in London, backed by Anthony Joshua provides an unforgettable encounter. It is 12,000 sq ft and has a two-floor construction far from the common area, which can make it the best gym in London. Victoria’s Secret models and heavyweights are drawn into futuristic equipment and chic interiors. It has an industrial look and provides Malin & Goetz products in gold-laden changing rooms. The members enjoy custom-made leather ropes and Di Nardo boxing gloves. Skill boxing, strength training, and Europe with the Versa Climber are among the classes that can be accessed by non-members with Sweat by BXR. Unleash the power at

Contact: BXR

8. ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel

ESPA Life at the five-star Corinthia Hotel redefines hotel gyms with its spacious, stylish, and well-equipped facilities. It exceeds expectations, from free weights to rowing machines and private training pods. Post-workout, indulge in homemade protein balls, water, or a banana from the complimentary fruit bowl. Membership is capped for a comfortable experience. The gym is part of a lavish 3,300 sqm spa and health club featuring a nine-meter pool, sauna, steam room, experience showers, an ice fountain, and heated loungers. Expansive changing rooms offer saunas, heated marble loungers, robes, and ESPA products. ‘Sleep pods’ provide a private rest space with cushions and blankets it is a combination of all in one making it the best gym in London.

Contact: ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel

9. Gymbox

Gymbox offers the acquaintance of nothing less than a “nightclub.” environment which makes it the best gym in London. Present in Covent Garden. The gym’s independent VPTs (very personal trainers) are praised and appreciated for their personalized methods and guidance for fitness, which makes them a valuable investment for clients who want to achieve their goals. From yoga to boxing, all the classes are led by the observation of experienced trainers and a motivating DJ.

Contact: Gymbox

10. Blok London

BLOK’s building used to be a warehouse refashioned into a gym. Well, what makes it stand out is that the gym is trendy and has stylish decor. A bone bar is so that the clients can have fun and extra nutrients during their workout sessions. The gym has no fancy machines; it is class-based machines, including pilates, boxing, yoga, and many more exercises, which can make it the best gym in London.

Contact: Blok London


1Rebel Gym has state-of-the-art technology and friendly trainers to help you go that extra mile. It offers a gym and, more than that a nightclub. The son of the owner of Fitness First created it. It is a gym for people who hate going to the gym and working out. It has been designed specially, offering functionalities of both a gym and a nightclub.

Contact: 1Rebel

12. EasyGym

EasyGym has seven branches in London, and all of them are full of equipment and complete classes; it also offers sessions that are less than half the price of others. It is a more affordable option if people want to go to the gym but can’t afford it. It isn’t a luxurious place to work, but it has decent facilities and offers a friendly atmosphere.  So it can be said it is the best gym in London

Contact: EasyGym

13. Core Collective

Core Collective is known for its friendly and cooperative trainers and is an excellent choice as it offers a personal trainer to help clients with their fitness goals. It is a remarkable gym that has experienced trainers and a diverse range of classes. From pilates to ballet, Core Collective has it all.

Contact: Core Collective

14. YMCA

If clients prefer a large gym with a social atmosphere, then the central YMCA is for them. It is probably London’s biggest gym and is funded by the UK’s most extensive fitness, health, and education charity. It offers a variety of courses, which include a swimming pool, a badminton court, and many more.  YMCA is also known for its boxing techniques and Zumba classes.

Contact: YMCA

15. Psycle

It is also the closest you will get to riding a bike, which also offers the functionality of a nightclub. It has a party environment with intense workout sessions, which gives clients a different experience and makes Psycle stand out from other gyms because it is also about being happy and energetic while doing it

Contact: Psycle

16. Heartcore

There are seven branches of Heartcore across London, and there is something pretty special about it. It is also known to be a celebrity place—celebrities like Adele, Meghan Markle, and Kate Hudson have visited it. There are experienced trainers who make torturing pilates easy. One of the main goals of this gym is to increase your flexibility.

Contact: Heartcore

17. Frame

Frame is best known for its dance and for not taking yourself too seriously. It includes relaxed sessions with experienced trainers. It was founded by Pip Black and Joan Murphy in 2009. Frames’ primary focus is to make fitness fun and for their clients to remove their insecurities. Not only do they burn calories, but they also have a variety of classes arranged according to their client’s moods, for example, yoga to chill out.

Contact: Frame

18. Barrecore

Barrecore is best known for its feeling of burn, building leg muscle, and helping clients work on their flexibility. It does not only include ballet dancing but also pilates, yoga, and classical ballet. One of their most famous classes is BarreSignature, which combines bodyweight resistance, deceptively light weights, and high reps. It is also suitable for pregnant women and beginners which brings its speciality and makes it the best gym in London.

Contact: Barrecore

19. Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is best known for getting a serious sweat on. It has to switch between treadmill-based cardio and floor-based weights. One of their workouts is known as ‘The Best Workout in the World.’ Claiming that clients can burn 700 to 1,000 calories per class.

Contact: Barry’s Bootcamp

20. Triyoga

Despite being relatively new, Triyoga remains the place to be if one wants to do yoga in London. Therefore, if you are reading this and believe in your heart that yoga is not for you or you have other preferences, such as lifting weights in the gym rather than flowing on the mat, you may not have found the correct type of yoga thus far. That’s why Triyoga is here; it can be considered one of the best gyms in London. Operating studios at Camden, Chelsea, Ealing, Shoreditch, and Soho, the site has a wide range of styles offered daily, with many classes including dynamic classes, hot yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for beginners.  Therefore, make sure that you find They organize one-time workshops and teacher training if you feel like getting your diploma as a yoga teacher.

Contact: Triyoga


Although I do not like boxing because of coordination problems, people who love boxing will enjoy KOBOX. The 50/50 class format entails a disco-meets-fight-club-type setting where bag work, projecting of six-punch combinations, coupled with HIIT exercises, are all mixed up. Knowledgeable and friendly instructors cater to all energy levels in the energetic setting.

Contact: KOBOX


Immersive workouts are offered at Aldgate’s studio where a combination of Pilates and yoga is mixed with captivating images of mountains and waves. However, multisensory experience allows one to escape mentally from the busy city through imagination by performing downward dog while inhaling the orange fragrance.

Contact: FLY LDN

23. FLEX

Nestled in Chelsea, FLEX is a luxury boutique studio featuring sunlit, airy spaces distinct from typical dark fitness venues. Offering diverse yoga styles, including chill and Dharma, spinning, barre, Pilates, and unique classes like ‘FLEXi Beast’ and ‘Peach for the Beach.’ Owner Chatty Dobson radiates positivity, with past successes like outdoor yoga. FLEX innovates with self-defense for women, kids’ yoga, and cancer rehab, catering to various fitness needs.

Contact: FLEX

24. The Foundry

In pursuit of a healthy 45 minutes, The Foundry comprises gyms at Vauxhall, Old Street, and Bank. Initially intimidating, the team of coaching leaders, headed by co-founders Ben Gotting and Dave Thomas, gradually brings people into demanding strength classes and private personal training sessions. Specifically, classes with Biceps motivate you to lift heavier weights beyond your endurance capacity.

Contact: The Foundry

25. Pure Gym

Cycle and class studios, huge free-weight areas, and many cardiovascular machines in Pure Gym as an affordable alternative undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. It is the UK’s largest gym operator, occupying 327 spaces, with 160 in London alone which makes it extraordinary and the best gym in London. It is a good choice for a simple workout that comes cheap and suits people looking for effective exercise yet is not too expensive compared with other options.

Contact: Pure Gym

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