An Insider’s Guide to the Scottish Pyramid 2024

Forget about the pyramids of Egypt! Scotland has its own cool Prince Albert pyramid. That’s basically the Scottish Pyramid. It might not be as big as the ones in Egypt, but it’s still a cool piece of history tucked away in the beautiful Cairngorms National Park. This is 35 feet tall.  It’s called Prince Albert’s Cairn. Imagine a big, pointy pile of stones built way back in the 1800s. 

History and Purpose of Scottish Pyramid

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Not Ancient: The Scottish Pyramid isn’t ancient. It was built in 1862 by Queen Victoria. The Scottish pyramid age is 162 years.

Memorial: Queen Victoria commissioned the cairn as a memorial to her beloved husband, Prince Albert, following his death in 1861.

Part of a series: Prince Albert’s Cairn is the largest and most well-known of several cairns on the Balmoral Estate. These cairns were dedicated to various members of the royal family and important events.

Secrets of Scottish Pyramid

The Scottish Pyramid reflects Victorian mourning and the Queen’s love for Prince Albert.

  • Grief and Love: The grand scale and placement of the cairn show the depth of Queen Victoria’s grief after losing her husband, and how she wished to honor him in a lasting way.
  • Royal Connection: The Scottish Pyramid is a physical manifestation of the strong bond between the monarchy and Scotland, a place Queen Victoria held dear.
  • Symbolism: Some theories suggest the pyramid shape, rather than a typical cairn form, might hold symbolic meaning for Queen Victoria, potentially related to ideas of the eternal or the connection between royalty and the divine.

where is the pyramid in scotland?

The Scottish Pyramid is on Balmoral Estate in Cairngorms National Park. This is a protected area in Scotland famous for its mountains, forests, and castles. Nearest city: The closest town is Ballater.

How to Get to the Pyramid in Scotland by car.

If you want to go to the Scottish Pyramid, you need to park your car at Balmoral Estate, then you need to start hiking.

  • Length: It’s about 2 miles roundtrip .
  • Difficulty: It’s mostly uphill, so it’ll get your legs working, but it’s not super hard.
  • What to bring: Wear comfy shoes, bring water, and maybe a snack for the top. Scotland’s weather can change quickly, so a jacket is a good idea too.

Tourist attractions near Scottish pyramid.

Keep in mind you’re visiting a royal area, so there’s more to see besides the pyramid:

1. Balmoral Castle: This is the Queen’s summer home in Scotland. You can sometimes take tours and see the gardens.

2. Lochnagar: This is a stunning mountain lake nearby. If you’re up for a longer hike, check it out!

Places to Eat near Scottish pyramid

You’ll work up an appetite with all that hiking! Here are some options:

  • The Rothesay Rooms (Ballater): A cozy place with tasty food and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Braemar Lodge Hotel: Slightly fancier, serving up traditional Scottish meals.
  • The Boathouse (Ballater): Right on the River Dee, a good place for delicious meals with a nature view.

Important Things to Remember

  • Respect: The pyramid is a memorial. Be quiet and respectful when visiting.
  • Nature: Leave no trace! Take any trash with you to keep the area beautiful.
  • Animals: You might see deer, birds, and other cool wildlife. Enjoy watching from a distance – don’t disturb them.

Visiting the Scottish Pyramid is a unique adventure that mixes history, nature, and a touch of royalty.

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